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Paint Protection

Car paint protection

If you have a vintage gem or have just taken delivery of a brand new, luxury or pre-loved car and you want to keep the paint work in mint condition, a paint protection treatment can remove any anxiety around keeping your paintwork in mint condition and protecting your investment.

Before using the car dealership, check out our prices on permanent paint protection.  Many people have pocketed huge savings by coming to us for these products, we often use the same products as a dealership, but due to our lower overheads, we are able to offer paint and interior protection at significantly cheaper prices.

Before applying a paint protection service, we will meticulously prepare the surface of your car, cleansing it with a clay bar to remove any surface residue, contaminants, old wax or polishing oils and remove any ‘orange peel effects’; only when the surface is ultra-smooth and clean will we apply the paint protection, so you are guaranteed a peak and perfect mirror like shine.

Our paint protection utilises nano-technology to create a chemical bond with the paintwork to give a perfectly smooth, glass like finish, which leaves a hard-protective film over the paintwork.

Paint Protection offers you the following benefits

  • Greater light refraction giving the ultimate in high gloss shine.
  • Contains UV inhibitors to help prevent UV induced discoloration and fading.
  • Protective film helps provides abrasion resistance, protecting against minor scratches and stone chips.
  • Repels water and oil to help keep the car cleaner for longer.
  • Protects against chemical etching from bug splatter, tree sap, animal droppings and oxidation.
  • Protects against acid or alkali rain and road salt.
  • Helps prevent build-up of other environmental contaminants.

All of our paint protection services are guaranteed for 3 years*

*See terms and conditions in store

Interior Protection

Protection against those inevitable little spills and accidents

Anyone who regularly drives and carries children or passengers, knows what a battering the seats can take from sticky fingers, dirty feet, food spills, tea, coffee or liquid spills, sweat and perspiration and even toileting accidents or sickness.

Our interior protection and protective leather coatings provide an effective, resilient and repellent stain and odour barrier between you and your seats and it even helps protect against UV damage. Our interior protection can be used on leather or fabric seats and uses nano-technology designed to coat the individual fibres whilst leaving the seat soft, supple and breathable.

Interior protection is highly recommended for new cars or just after a steam clean, and it is guaranteed for 3 years from application.

Protection from

  • Sticky fingers
  • Food spills
  • Liquid spills
  • Sweat, perspiration and odours
  • UV Rays