Hand Car Washing Services

North Park Shopping Centre, Prospect, North Adelaide

At In’N’Out Hand Car Wash, we hand wash all cars, as this is a gentle and effective clean; with the added benefit that by using human hands and eyes, we can see any areas that need extra attention and give them a thorough clean, making sure we can get into all corners (no areas are missed) and any heavily soiled areas are dealt with appropriately.
In’N’Out Car Wash North park shopping centre, prospect
Whatever you need and whatever your budget we can hand wash and shine your car to perfection!
Choose from our packages which start from just $18.00 and then simply add any extras you want.  Every car we wash is given the best care and attention, so no matter what package you choose your can be assured of a showroom shine!

The Ultimate- Inside and Outside

Superior Clean – Inside and Outside

Super clean – Outside

Sedan $100

SUV $110

4WD $120

Sedan $60

SUV $69

4WD $75

Sedan $25

SUV $32

4WD $35

Hand Car Wash Hand Car Wash Hand Car Wash
Wax Shampoo Wax Shampoo Wax Shampoo
Chamois Dry Chamois Dry Chamois Dry
Tyres Glossed Tyres Glossed Tyre Glossed
Wheel Shine Wheel Shine Wheel Shine
Interior Wiped & Dusted Interior Wiped & Dusted
Interior Vacuum Interior Vacuum
Boot Vacuum Boot Vacuum
Interior Windows Cleaned Interior Windows Cleaned
Interior Vanity Mirrors Cleaned Interior Vanity Mirrors Cleaned
Hand Wax & Polish Door Jambs Cleaned
Door Jambs Cleaned and Detailed
Wheels detailed
Interior Trims Detailed

Heavily soiled vehicles will incur a surcharge based on the definitions below
Exterior – heavy bugs, tar, red dust
Interior – stubborn stains, excessive pet hair or excessive sand

In’N’Out Super Clean

Hand Car Wash

Our Super Clean car wash service focuses on the exterior of the vehicle. We use our wax shampoo to remove all of the built-up dirt and grime. We will wash and clean your exterior windows, mirrors and plastic trims. We clean your wheels to remove all of the break dust and dirt that builds up, wash your wheel arches and clean your mud flaps.  Then to finish off we will chamois dry your car to remove all water marks and gloss your tyres to leave your car looking radiant and shining as new.

In’N’Out Superior Clean

Hand Car Wash

The Superior Clean car wash service gives the car a thorough clean inside and out and is particularly good for the family car that regularly carries kids and passengers. You get all the benefits of the super clean wash, plus we will meticulously service the interior and boot of your vehicle, cleaning and vacuuming the mats, the carpets and under the seats.  We dust and clean all your interior plastics and trims. We clean your dashboard, centre console, gearshift, radio, handbrake, ashtrays, door pockets, cupholders and instrument panels. Our team of professional detailers are careful not to miss anything, they wipe underneath the steering console and get into all those areas, like the door pockets and trims, where sticky fingers may have been, to ensure your car gets a five-star service. We clean the inside window screen, shine the window glass (along with a sun roof if you have one) and polish the vanity and rear-view mirror. So not only will the exterior of your car be glistening and shining but the interior will be gleaming and fresh too.

In’N’Out The Ultimate

Hand Car Wash

This clean is the Ultimate vehicle clean and is the most cost effective for a sparkling clean interior and exterior, without paying for a full detailing service.   Ideal if you want that showroom feel back again but don’t want to splurge out on a full detail.  This is the 5 Star treatment to keep your ride looking radiant, fresh and new.

You get all of the benefits of the In’N’Out Superior Clean, but the lustre and shine on the external and internal finishes is given special attention.

We will hand wax and polish your exterior for the ultimate in showroom shine. This not only gives the vehicle a brilliant, almost reflective surface, but wax provides added protection to the exterior paintwork; helping it to disperse rainwater and repel the dirt, keeping your car cleaner for longer.

We will even clean and detail the door jambs, ensuring we get all the stubborn dirt and grime out and leave the entrance into the car as shining and inviting as the exterior.

The inside of the car will also be cleaned and shined with a hi-tech cleaner that will restore and brighten your plastic trims and add that extra special glitz and lustre on your internal finishes. You can expect sparkling clean windows, a spotless, glistening dash, trims and console.

Wheels are fully detailed, to get them gleaming, we will clean and degrease, buff and polish your alloys or chrome mags, and finish off by glossing your tyres for the ultimate bright and shining set of wheels.

Your car will be returned for you to enjoy with a radiance and glow only found in a professional showroom.

In’N’Out Car Wash


If you are looking to add that bit extra onto your car wash and clean but don’t ned to get a mini detail, please feel free to select any add on services you need from the list below.

If you want a range of these additional add on services maybe you should consider booking our great value Mini Detailing Service starting at $195 (link to Mini Detail section)

Steam Cleaning

Mats $20
Carpets $45
Seats $70

Leather Treatment

From $70

Paint Cleansing (clay bar)

From $30

Hand Wax & Polish

From $30

Engine Clean & Detail