In’N’Out Car Detailing

North Park Shopping Centre, Prospect, North Adelaide

As with all products and services, the thing that distinguishes the average or good, from the very best is all found in the finer details. A full car detail is for those seeking an immaculately clean, spotless and fully restored, as good as new finish in every area of the car – you will get a full professional showroom shine; inside and outside. Our full car detailing service meticulously covers every part of your vehicle from the engine, the underside of the car, the interior and every part of the exterior and prices start from just $195.

In’N’Out Car Wash North park shopping centre, prospect
Choose from our packages which start from just $18.00 and then simply add any extras you want.  Every car we wash is given the best care and attention, so no matter what package you choose your can be assured of a showroom shine!

Full Detail service

Mini detail service

Sedan $250

SUV $280

4WD $350

Sedan $195

SUV $205

4WD $215

In’N’Out – The Ultimate PLUS In’N’Out – The Ultimate PLUS
Fabric seats shampooed and stream cleaned OR Fabric seats shampooed and stream cleaned OR
Leather cleaned and conditioned Leather cleaned and conditioned
Paint Cleansing (clay bar) treatment Paint Cleansing (clay bar) treatment
Cut / buff and polish  
Full engine clean and detail  
Under bonnet clean  
Recondition exterior rubbers  


Mini Car Detailing service

Our mini car detailing service just adds those extra finishing touches to The Ultimate In’N’Out hand car wash. You get all benefits of the Ultimate In’N’Out hand plus the following extras.

Specialist Car Seat Cleaning

With prolonged use, car seats can look worn, faded and stained as dust, dirt, sand, sweat and spills build up. Our mini detail will take this of this for you, refreshing and vitalising your seats so that they not only look clean and fresh, but smell great too.

If you have fabric seats, we take a two-step approach to thoroughly cleanse the upholstery.  Firstly, we use a hi-tech shampoo to neutralise odours and help loosen and release dirt. Then we apply our steam cleaner and the hot steam vapour penetrates the pores of the fabric, kills harmful bacteria (which also create odour) and allergens to totally refresh your cabin environment.

Taking care of leather seats is our speciality.  A build-up of dirt can degrade the leather and dry it out.  Leather if not adequately moisturised, can dry out and become stiff and cracked. We use hi-tech leather cleaners to fully clean your seats before applying a leather conditioner to moisturise the leather keeping it soft, supple and protecting it from stains, grease, dirt and the sun rays.

Paint Cleansing (clay Bar)

This is the best thing you can do to get a smooth, polished finish.  Through regular use, your car is exposed to airborne particles and pollution that gradually build up, often unseen, on your paintwork. If you softly run the back of your hand over the paintwork, you can feel the rough microscopic particles that feel a little gritty on the surface. Over time this erodes the lustre and shine from your paintwork.  Whilst this build up, over time, is normal, it can’t be removed by washing alone. So, if you have wondered why some cars have that flawless shine, the answer is in the detailing. After we have washed and cleansed the car, we will then apply a clay bar, which is a specialist clay compound that we use to gently rub the car and exfoliate the paint, to softly remove all of the built-up particles to leave a totally smooth and rejuvenated finish on the paintwork. Once this has been done we will apply a hand wax and polish, to shine up and finish the paintwork with a glorious, vibrant glow.


Full Car Detailing Service

This is the full professional treatment for both discerning car owners and used by professional car showrooms.  We thoroughly recommend this service if you are thinking of selling your car or if you just want to bring back that like new feeling again.  This service features all the mini service with these extra special touches added on.

Buff and Polish

In addition to the paint cleansing and hand waxing, instead of a hand polish a special electronic soft buffing tool will be used to ensure the paintwork is buffed and shined to perfection, with a mirror like finish.

Under Bonnet Clean & Full Engine Clean

A full detailing service meticulously covers the whole of your vehicle, including the hidden details under the bonnet.  We will ensure all the dirt, grime and oil on the underside of the bonnet is cleaned and degreased, so as soon as the hood is lifted the shine continues. 

Next, we move onto the engine itself and thoroughly degrease and steam clean the whole engine, so all of the built-up oil, grease and dust is removed.  Mechanics often ask clients to get an engine clean in order to help them detect oil leeks. Then to finish off, the paintwork on the inside of the bonnet is cleaned and metalwork on the engine is glistening and shining like new. Our aim is to restore your vehicle to look as close to brand new as is possible.

Underside of the Car

We also take the time to clean and shine the underside of the sills and underneath the car.

The Finishing Touches

Then just to finish off, we will inspect the car to make sure no areas have been missed and any exterior rubber seals such as those around doors, windows, the boot etc. that are looking tired or fading will be reconditioned and restored back to black, looking like new.

We will return your vehicle showroom ready – pristine inside and out.